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US calls for US citizens in Iraq: Leave the country immediately

The US Embassy in Baghdad called on US citizens in Iraq to ‘leave the country immediately’

US calls for US citizens in Iraq: Leave the country immediately
03 Ocak 2020 - 11:28

In the missile attack on the airport in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, it was reported that Qasim Suleimani, the commander of the Jerusalem force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army, and Abu Mehdi al-Engineer, the vice president of the pro-Iranian Hashdi Shabi organization.


The US Department of Defense (Pentagon), the US President Donald Trump’ın instructions issued by the operation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Army (RGA) under the commander of the Jerusalem Force General Kasim Solomon announced that the killing.

“The US army is determined to protect US personnel by killing the President of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army Jerusalem Force, recognized by the US as a foreign terrorist organization, and defending US personnel (in the region). has taken steps. ” statements were used.

“General Solomon was actively planning an attack on American diplomats and soldiers in Iraq and the region,” Solomon said, and the Jerusalem Force was responsible for the murder of hundreds of Americans. detection was remarkable.

The statement also recorded:

“Suleymani had instigated attacks on Iraqi coalition bases over the past few months, including the December 27 attack that killed and wounded Iraqi and American citizens. General Suleymani confirmed the attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad this week. “The US will take all the necessary steps to protect our citizens and our interests around the world.”


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