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Tesco employee reveals 10 things staff want to tell – but they’re not allowed

The former Tesco worker claims there are several things he wanted to say to customers over the years – and it would have made the job a lot easier

Tesco employee reveals 10 things staff want to tell – but they’re not allowed
02 Ocak 2020 - 17:14

As well as stacking shelves, mopping up spillages and working on the checkout, supermarket staff have to deal with customers who are rushing around the busy stores.

While we would like to hope everyone is polite, kind and understanding all the time – we imagine this probably isn’t the case.

In fact, according to one former employee people can be downright rude, reports Kent Live .

Having spent many years working in a Tesco store, the member of staff has lifted the lid on the things they would love to say to shoppers – but they’re not allowed.

  1. I know it’s three minutes until we open, but I can’t unlock the doors just because you’re standing there
    You’re early, that’s great. But unfortunately when we open at 7am, that means 7am. I’m sorry if it’s raining, or you’re cold. But looking at me with a face like thunder isn’t going to speed this process up.
  2. Huffing and puffing in the queue won’t make me go any quicker on the checkouts
    I’m not deliberately going slow – it’s just busy in here.
  3. The dread of asking for someone’s ID – and then finding out they’re 30 anyway
    Feel flattered I’m asking you to prove you’re old enough to buy that bottle of vodka, because I’m not doing it for fun.
  4. The Tesco fleeces are so incredibly comfortable
    They aren’t the most flattering items of clothing to wear, but they are amazingly warm in those chilly winter months.
  5. The frustration of people gathering around you as you knock 30p off a pack of mince
    Those yellow stickers are coming out, and its like shoppers can smell them a mile off.
  6. The mindless game you play trying to squeeze another box of dolly mix on the shelf so you can finally get it out of the cage
    We all know those huge cages can get in the way, but getting the products off them is the real task.
  7. My lunch isn’t a free Tesco meal deal, let me assure you
    Going on lunch and finding yourself short of a few quid so you opt for that Tesco Everyday Value thick sliced bread that your managers generously left in the staff room.
  8. That sigh you give when a customer pleads with you to knock some pennies off
    The last box of 10 pack fish fingers has been opened – it’s probably just a damaged box but hey, I’ll knock 10 per cent off to avoid the drama.
  9. The 5p charge for a carrier bag is definitely not my fault
    Rolling your eyes when a customer blames Tesco for the 5p plastic bag charge – I’m all for saving the planet, but don’t take it out on the messenger.
  10. Clocking onto loyal customers’ routines
    That’s right, Barbara. I see you doing the weekly shop at 7pm every Wednesday.

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